Our Heroes

Our heroes are led by Ali,the hero of the show. Effortlessly cool, self-confident, wise cracking, and brave. He makes quick decisions based on his gut instinct and doesn't really care for the potential consequences - something that doesn't always work in his favour! Along with his friends Angus and Shanaya and with the guidance of the wise Haroon, a giant falcon, they embark on a quest to save their world from the evil Atid!


The Villains

The villains are led by the cunning Atid, a being of extreme power, who is plotting to enslave the world from his dark fortress far out at sea. Rokh, his general and most trusted soldier, is fueled by revenge against his former tribe, the falcons. With their minions, the Maarid, they will stop at nothing but world domination!


The World

Our story takes place between two distinct worlds; our own and The Garden of Eternity, a vast parallel world created by its two most powerful beings, Atid and Malak. It is a land of towering mountains, mysterious forests and sprawling plains where powerful mythical creatures reside, from the noble Falcons, to the deadly Tigers and the sneaky Saurian sky pirates. Throughout the garden the air crackles with magic. Its forgotten temples and dark places hold many secrets waiting to be uncovered.


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